Mengele Aborigine


Josef Mengele was a medical officer at Auschwitz. Keen to find twins for his medical experiments, he would wade into the crowd of newly arrived prisoners shouting zwillinge heraus, zwillinge heraustreten (twins out, twins step forward).


He drew a line on the wall of the children's block 5 feet from the floor; those whose heads could not reach the line were killed. When it was reported that a block housing prisoners was infested with lice he ordered that all 750 women who lived inside should be gassed.


 Mengele injected blue dye into the eyes of Jewish children to try and make them more Aryan. He sewed children together to create grotesquely co-joined twins. Uncle Mengele, as he liked to be called, brought sweets for his charges and played games by the barbed wire; he also killed up to fourteen children a night, injecting chloroform directly into their hearts.


Eugenics, the application of racial theories to humans, has been thoroughly discredited - as has the idea of race itself. All humans belong to one species, Homo Sapiens. Minor differences are culturally, ethnically and geographically determined. Biologically, the Australian aborigine is almost identical to the European and the Inuit. There is more genetic difference in one group of African chimpanzees than in the whole human race.


A man fixated with the idea of creating a blue-eyed, blonde-haired master race, has here become a dark haired, black-eyed primitive with a face that (literally) doesn't fit. The body of a tribesman from of one of the oldest human groups on earth and the head of a nazi from the third reich, stitched together. Racially impure, grafted, a mongrel. This is the face of Josef Mengele, the Nazi Angel of Death.