Landscape Seen Through the Skin


The man in the street takes a lot for granted:  

for instance that he has a body which has an inside and an outside. RD LAING

We begin undifferentiated. Skin marks the boundary of the body, separates me from not me. Skin contains ‘I’. 


The orifices did not appear in her skin but in her speech which began to lose the normal linguistic structure, that is the 'social skin’. In delusional parasitosis, patients hold a delusional belief that they are infested with parasites. They may experience formication, a sensation similar to that of insects crawling on or under the skin. THE PSYCHOTIC: ASPECTS OF THE PERSONALITY, DAVID ROSENFIELD


To escape from the body, the mystic and the madman shed their skin. Skin covers a multitude of sins, hides the wiring, gives an illusion of calm. It’s a balancing act keeping an anxious bag of organs safe. Skin encourages integration and wholeness. Skin is the inventor of touch. Skin is rarely skin deep. Moisturise and cleanse your skin every day with L’oreal. Because you're worth it.  


The main symptom of Morgellons is a belief that fibers are embedded in or extruding from the skin.


The first boundary failure... is one where the mother cannot see the baby as a separate person but rather thinks of her as part of herself.  After birth the infant cannot differentiate between what is outside and what is inside herself.  When there has been neglect or abuse … the infant is left without what can be thought of as a psychic skin. D.W.WINNICOTT


The newly born and the dying, both have skin which is almost translucent. Beyond the skin, stars gather. We end, undifferentiated.